Style and Substance Pt.2 - Style

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Style and Substance Pt.2 - Style

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Style is important too, because it gives you and edge. People should always strive for constant improvement. You can improve in your line of work, or in your social circles, updating your substance, learning new things you can apply, but there is far more to life than we think.

Style is important, because like I mentioned above, it gives you an edge. It might be a small percent in the end for your overall success, but if it gives you an advantage, why not use it? In my case, when I dress well and go amble about with friends or we go at a night club, I feel awesome. I mean, I’ve been testing the “no style game” for a while and I can tell you, it does work, people sometimes will accept you if you hustle for a bit and actually show them what you are all about, but I realized that with a style that suits me, sometimes things really become effortless for me.

The Edge

It is not necessary, but it gives you an edge, and that makes it important. It shows people that you care about your overall appearance, but you are not putting on some fancy clothes for them, rather for yourself, and people will respect you for it. Don’t overdo things. People will always find something to latch on. This is the time where you just shouldn’t care and just go on with your business. Remember, you are not trying to impress anybody. If you want people to accept you and your style, you should have clear values that you never step on, rather move along with. Be consistent in your improvement, because that is what actually sets people apart. Most people aren’t consistent, they don’t care about their overall appearance and worst of all they will always blame others for their problems, instead of trying to resolve them. Remember style matters and doesn’t matter at the same time. This is a paradox, but there is so much free will in the world, that some people will accept the way you dress up and some will not. Like I mentioned, go about your life, you don’t owe anyone anything and no one owes you too, which means that you shouldn’t judge people and at the same time, don’t expect to be judged. If they judge you, think about it, you might actually be doing something wrong, but if you are not, simply don’t accept what they are saying and move along.

Few things I want to mention about style. Well not mention, but count down for you to know how to dress up properly depending on your body type.

  • If you are overweight simply have clothes that are slightly over you, instead of perfectly fitting you.
  • If you are skinny wear clothes that fit you, but don’t wear such, which will be covering your body extensively.
  • If you are actually well fit, you can wear clothes that fit you perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to wear expensive stuff that will cost you a lot. Simply invent your own style that people will accept, complimented by personal hygiene, shaved neck, cut nails, deodorant and so on, like I mentioned above and simply invest in it a bit. Make sure your shoes are always clean. The colors of your clothes shouldn’t deviate much from one another. You can always compliment your style with:

-        Bracelets – you can wear 5 in total, as 3 on one hand and two on the other. This goes well with a watch and makes people wonder about your character. You can always combine different things and come up with a unique style.

-        Necklaces – You can wear anything you want as a necklace, but it should be under your t-shirt. Never allow the front to go on the outside, people should only see the part of your necklace on the back of the neck. Combine with a cool medallion if you want, but unless you are wearing a V-neck, people shouldn’t see it, because they will think you are showing off.

-        Rings – you can find a huge variety of stainless steel rings online, and find the perfect ones for your style, although I am not a ring type of guy. But if you want to show off your character as much as possible, you can always wear one, only on two fingers though – The middle finger and the ring finger. Also you should wear them on the right hand. For instance people might think you are married if you wear it on the ring finger on the left hand.


I really hope my advice will help you out figuring your own style. Don’t be a try-hard kind of a person. If you are bald, simply shave your head instead of trying to cover it up, if you are overweight, don’t try and wear skinny jeans, if you don’t feel physically attractive don’t change your style, to compensate for the lack of attractiveness. Simply be yourself, because in the end of the day, being bald and naturally unattractive is not a choice. I for instance look really young and most girls ask me for my age all the time. It makes it hard for me to calibrate through that all the time (especially through the part, where they don’t take me seriously), but I do it anyway and I find challenges like that appealing.

Style is more important than substance, initially…

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