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For someone with Bulgarian roots who has spent almost their entire life in major Cities (Vienna, Munich, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London and Berlin) abroad there was always this one thing bothering me in Sofia…. and that’s a major gap in men’s style. Whereas taste is individual, fashion is not.

Sometimes I get the feeling that for Bulgarian men clothing is not of greater interest. Spending their salaries in the kratchma or in night clubs is way more important to them. And you just grab something and don’t think much about your outfit. But let´s think about the major things that will define the first impression you make to other people, no matter whether it is your boss, your colleague or the girl you want to be with. For me there are 3 things of greater importance which define your appearance:

1. Your physique;

2. Your smile;

3. Your clothes.

Nevertheless, the choice of clothes of so called made men (mutri) in Sofia was and still is three steps behind of almost every other Metropole around the world! Most people in the streets actually dress better but still trail behind in terms of the latest fashion. I sometimes get the feeling that they still dress like their Mom´s used to dress them back in school.

Let me give you a quick example for both groups. During my last stay, there in December 2017 I went to the ever-mentioned venues like PM and Bedroom “Premium Club”. If I had one dime for every Philipp Plein shirt I’ve seen in those clubs or for every guy I saw strolling around the streets with let´s say blue pants and an orange T-shirt with an itchy and “inspirational” slogan like “Never Rest, Keep Going” …. well you know what I mean.

The problem is not only the glittery style of Pleins clothing or the T-shirts with slogans, it´s that neither one of these were cool or fashionable since at least 2009. As you see the problem is not only in the choice of high end “haute couture” but goes way deeper. Going to one of the many malls in Sofia is supposed to give you the opportunities to do some nice shopping. Again, the problem is that the stock of the major brands like “Hilfiger”, “Lacoste”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Esprit”, “Tom Tailor” etc. are mostly not from the current collections. So, it is quite hard and exhausting to get yourself the current collections. So what to do? Just go with it or just don’t care about it? Go on like you used to and think that your personality will make up for your horrific style? Well woman tend to be way more into fashion and focus way more attention on what you are wearing then you would like to think!


Since I was always interested in fashion and I´m still following the new trends all over the world, I´ll try to give you some Go´s and some No-Go´s for the upcoming Spring and Summer. Also, there is going to be Examples of what to wear, how to combine different clothes and which accessories make sense in men´s fashion. Tips for regular days in the office or the streets as well as more tarted up clothing for dates or night clubs will be provided. I´m trying to deliver both for small budgets as well as for people considering high-end fashion (remember buying a belt by Gucci or Hermes don’t make your outfit high fashioned). I will attach the website where to get these clothes from and make sure they deliver to Bulgaria. So give it a chance and change your clothings and your appearance for good!


(originally authored by Teo T. – M.D & Fashion Guru)

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