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This topic will show you the difference between men and women, and I am not writing about the general ones we all know, but the ones wired in our characters, which are also biological. Truth be told, it was really hard for me to understand the difference both sexes had, regarding their characters and honestly, I am struggling a bit today as well. In the beginning I thought, that we are all the same (like the social narrative points out). I thought, that the only difference was the physical appearance of the sexes. Honestly… It goes much deeper than that. We not only think differently, but we also don’t find the same things appealing as the other sex does. The difference is in our values and our priorities. If men prioritize work and financial development above all, women seek balance in their lives.

Let us go back to the beginning. Long, long time ago, you only had to play your gender role in order to survive, there was the female gender role and the male gender role. Any deviation from your gender role was not appealing to the rest of the tribe. Nowadays however the roles have shifted. You don’t have to play your gender role in order to survive. Back in the day it used to be about – survival of the fittest. These days physically weak men can procreate and create families of their own, it is not a big deal anymore. If physical strength and courage (taking risks for the tribe while hunting for instance) were the determining factors, nowadays it is more the status you create for yourself.


You don’t have to be physically strong to be attractive as a man. You don’t have to be tall or good looking, rich or famous to be attractive. If you don’t play your particular gender role, like I mentioned above, it’s not that big of a deal, you will still survive in the world we’ve built for ourselves, filled with comfort and instant gratifications. However in order for a man to be attractive to a woman, he must play his gender role, which comes down to character. Taking action, being the leader, working on yourself, striving for greater heights (having ambitions and working to achieve your goals), being a man of your word, having values and standing beside them are all determining qualities of a man, always were and will always be. Men or women will always be attractive to the person playing the opposite gender role. If you are a man and you are playing the male gender role, you will attract women, who are playing the female gender roles, simple as that, but not exactly. As I mentioned before, we live in times of comfort and things can get out of hand sometimes. That doesn’t mean if you are a male playing the female gender role, that you won’t get a girlfriend, but you will be attracting females, that are playing the male gender role, and yes that is possible for women as well. This usually happens if a woman feels insecure. She has to take action (play the male gender role) in order to feel secure and make her life comfortable.

That is how subconsciously men are perceived. Biologically we are the ones that have to take action in order to create comfort and fight off obstacles. Since physical strength is not a factor anymore, people tend to get confused. On top of that you have social standards and narratives since the emancipation that dictate, that there is no difference between men and women anymore, since women can work, get paid and vote, the same way men do, but like I mentioned in the beginning, women want balance in their lives. It’s not like women are lazy and want to quit their jobs, but most women want to start families at some point, and they do so at the expense of their work, in order to give birth and achieve that balance. Men on the other hand are more goal oriented. They tend to look at the big picture and miss out on the small things. Whether or not of what you want, depending on the gender role you embody, that is what you are going to attract. This is wired to our subconscious. If you play the male gender role, you will attract a female, playing the female gender role and the opposite is also true. However, women are a bit insecure are they not? Most of them anyways, regarding how they look, their weight, height and so on. Women tend to think about the small stuff, while men (as I mentioned) tend to look at the bigger picture. So even if a guy is playing the female gender role and attracts a girl that is playing the male gender role, she will eventually start looking for the opposite and find a guy that is playing the male gender role to make her feel more secure. That’s because we are wired that way, deep in our subconscious and gender. And be honest, it’s actually easier for someone making the decisions for you. That makes women feel comfortable, because in essence, they want to be dominated and led by men however, nowadays not all women will admit it.

–          Understanding your gender role and the one of the opposite sex on a conscious level, will help you out and open, lots of doors for you. This will allow you to meet new women, and best of all, it is a stepping stone for attracting the women you’ve always wanted to attract, by understanding how they think and what they truly want. Playing your gender role as a man, should be your core value!

Main Drives – Male Gender Role

Now it comes to classifying what male and female gender roles are, as well as pointing out what you need to know about your gender role in current days, in order to survive and procreate. Survive and procreate … Those are the two main drives that actually drive us to do most of the things we do nowadays. Survival comes first of course. You can’t procreate without surviving first. So the first tends to be more valuable to the species, before they reach the second point. Let us get back to the gender roles, starting with the male gender role. Back in the days we used to be the protectors of the tribes, as we were physically stronger than women and at the same time, we were providing food when we were going outside the tribe to hunt animals. The male gender role was to fend off big threats, take risks and make decisions for the tribe. And who was making the decisions you might ask. It were the strongest males of the tribe. Those were the roles back in the day. How does that affect us today since things have changed? Well if you are a male, you must think and behave like one, not necessarily, because you will survive, since the standards of life have improved over the years, but you might not procreate if you don’t start being a man.


Guys tend to think, that finding the dream job, marrying a woman and having children is the pinnacle of life, and it all goes smoothly from there on out. Well this was never the case. Self-development will always be part of your life, like it or not, and if you don’t want your woman to leave you, you should always aim higher and never give up. Do not misunderstand the purpose of the relationship. Most people get into a relationship for comfort. Don’t base your relationship on comfort. Base it on growth. You will eventually merry a woman. So what are your values? What do you want from her? To pamper you and make you fat and unattractive, so then she can leave you for another guy, who won’t allow her to do the same she did to you? Or do you want her to support you in every decision you make, to look you as a human being and to respect you?

What are the values you must have to be playing your specific gender role? I will answer that question and I will also point out, what the female gender role is and how it has shifted. This will be done in Gender Roles Pt.2

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