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Females were and in essence still are nurturers. This means, that they were taking care of the young. They were better at passing down knowledge, while the children were growing up. That is why women are more intuitive than men. Their subconscious is built in a way for them to recognize the body language of the child. That is why they instinctively know if the child is hungry or sick, and the best way to tend to its needs. That is another reason why these days, women look at the small things more, than the big picture. As men, we miss on the small details, and pursue the big goals in life. This is another reason, why women subconsciously recognize the male gender role. These days, the male gender role is associated with dealing with obstacles and making decisions based on the good of the two, being goal oriented and progressive in life, at the same time working on themselves and having better values than the average dude (and women recognize those qualities).

Girls are odd creatures are they not? They will constantly test your resolve. They will support you, yes, but only if you are strong. If you get all fat and comfortable and stop growing, eventually she will lose attraction for you. Playing your gender role is striving for new heights, being dominant, making her feel comfortable without validating yourself to her all the time, taking action more often than talking about doing so.

Your role comes down to being a provider too. But it is not considered attractive to be just the provider anymore, like spending your last dime to pleasure her. For instance women consider guys who buy them drinks at bars (subconsciously of course), as guys who are trying to get under their skirt (buy them off), by showing off, that they have money.


Nowadays you need to be a social provider. That shows women that you aren’t affected by the dynamics of the environment, and that you are comfortable, talking to other guys and girls, no matter where you are. You don’t need money to be a social provider. It basically comes down to people respecting you and giving you things you might or might not need in order to survive SOCIALLY. What does that mean? It means that you are a leader and people receive value when they are around you. That is why they are following you and respecting you. Same goes with money. If you have a lot of money, it means that you are in a good position at your work or you are a business owner, if you are a business owner or in a high working position, it means that people are following you, because they get value out of doing so, which makes them happy to do so, so that makes you comfortable around people and gives you confidence, and confidence is what a woman recognizes in a man in the first place, not the actual money. You had to earn the money by being in a better position in the first place, which means you take responsibilities and deal with tasks other people will not deal with. Most women have a talent on determining your personality based on your confidence. You might not have money now, but being confident and striving for something better in your life, will make you attractive, because even if you haven’t achieved anything yet, you have the potential through your confidence to be the leader of men and make a life for yourself, potentially for you and her.

Becoming Confident

So how do you become confident? It comes down to body language, and values. You need to express your confidence with your head up high. When you are talking to people, you must be open and unaffected by their presence, even if some of them are a bit intimidating. Dominant body language is confidence. Your head must be held high and you must be open and unaffected – shoulders down, chin up, arms not crossed (legs too). It comes down to values as well. Main values you must have as a man is to constantly work on yourself (both being in shape and learning new things to apply in life) and in your business. A value might be – I talk to other people, because I find them interesting and if I do, nothing will stop me. The same goes for attracting women. Another thing women consider valuable in men is congruence – This is the alignment between emotional state, verbal communication and body language, in other words – mean what you say and also represent it with your body. Congruence is also action. Tend to be more active than talking about it.

Female Gender Role

The Female gender role has changed as well. They used to be nurturers, but they don’t need it anymore. Like how guys have become social providers, nowadays women are empathizers. You can always leave your children to your grandparents for a week or two. So basically their gender role has come down to feeling out the situation (to feel what other people feel). If you play your gender role correctly and allow them to play their gender role, it is most likely, that your relationship will persevere. If you allow yourself to “get comfortable”, you will eventually be angry at her for starting to play your gender role, and she will eventually leave you.

Always strive for a better life, improve your social skills, acquire new knowledge you can apply, always move on and never stagnate. To improve your social skills, you have to talk to people with different personalities in order to get accustomed talking to people in the first place. The same goes for attracting women. Repetition is the mother of skill. And the only way to beat anxiety is to go at it and improve your social skills by going there and talking to people, rather than reading information on how it’s done. Don’t get me wrong, that helps too, but if you know it in theory, application comes at play.

Basically it comes down to this. Don’t allow yourself to make decisions based on emotion. You can be emotional, but most of all, you have to be rational. Being emotional and expressing herself that way is her job. If you allow yourself to make emotional decisions, which is her job like I mentioned, she will start making logical decisions and steer the wheel instead (playing the male gender role). She will start blaming you for everything and will be forced out of her gender role. You are allowed to feel all you want, but you must not allow that emotion to cloud your judgment and influence your decision making process. When it comes to relationships you have to be logical in making decisions for the future, which will benefit you both. It is her job to make you feel and require emotions out of you, to make you feel happy and most of all – make herself feel happy. Never lose control of your emotions. If you do so, she will not feel safe around you, and she will not allow herself to be emotional, because she will not trust you. She will not feel like a woman if you take that away from her and allow emotion to cloud your decision making process, which is based on logic.


If she starts to blame you, it is typically your fault, therefore you must make the male gender role your default state. Rewarding her for her feelings will drastically increase the chances of the success of your relationship. If she wants to feel fragile, beautiful, weak, smaller, submissive and protected, you are typically the one who must provide that for the relationship in order to make it stronger. This will make you more attractive to her as well. If her feelings will lead to both, harming you and her in the process, then and only then you must stop her. You don’t have to pretend you like the same things women do. This is the most pathetic and manipulative way to get under their skirts and when women realize it, they will despise you for it.

Stand by your manhood (your gender role). When you start playing the female gender role she will eventually start playing the male gender role to feel more secure. This will eventually lead to her blaming you for her problems and you blaming her for yours. She will constantly test your resolve, to see if you want to play your role or not. She will not do it subconsciously and that is her way of knowing if you are the man for her. She doesn’t want to get control of the relationship, but she will have to eventually if the things I pointed out above take place, and she will leave you for it. If you are having trouble calibrating in your relationships, there is a huge chance you are changing your gender role from male to female.

I know the world we live in is dynamic and ever changing. We must learn to adapt to our surroundings in order to survive, but in order to procreate and be happy we must embody the roles we were created for. Relationships far back used to be for survival, now they are about happiness and understanding one another.

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