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In today society we become disproportionally dedicated to seeking the approval of others, living up to the expectation of society and family. Our reward system values their approval more than the logical conclusion, therefore becoming eternal validation seekers. But why is that? Is it society’s fault? Close enough. Society doesn’t need you to be mature enough to make logical decisions. If there are two sides of the coin, there are also two sides of the brain – An emotional side and a logical one. Now don’t get me wrong. They are both connected, but act separately and from time to time are in need of each other, for the “Self” to come to a conclusion on how to interpret reality.

You can get additional information on the subject from an earlier topic that I wrote called – “The tragedy of Peter Pan”. Now let’s continue.

Logic & Answers

Logic is the engine of our emotion, it provides answers when we are frustrated or confused. Also when we are emotionally unaware of how to perceive events that are beyond our control. Like in social situations, where you think you have the answer but the obstacles around you, put you in a frame and establish an inability in you to not act, or the belief that you might not act properly, whatever that means.

The program we are all born with

Evolution has fundamentally programmed us, to want our believes to align with reality…. Logic is the prime directive of our consciousness. We must remain a full grasp on logic, rather than hollow reward mechanisms that deviate us from our purpose. Meditation leads to selflessness. Follow reason over impulse.

Perfect and imperfect are at a state of balance that makes the majority of everything, you see a chaotic universe filled with almost perfect fundamental structures that are the building blocks of everything around you, coming in different forms, bringing an abundance of uncertainty that, by itself defines our very existence. The difficulty you experience is simply an illusion you must overcome with a dose of bravery. There is no you (self) in the ever changing line of consciousness, there are only fundamental fragments that also change over time, but partially remain to establish your experience that helps you adapt. Change… the only constant thing in the universe you must embrace. No experience can truly be replicated. No identity can ever reflect an ever changing symmetry and there is no “Self” or “I” that can persist in the endless stream of experience. The sense of self is the culmination of all the experiences over time that we’ve acquired and it still doesn’t exist, because it changes in every moment, every small instance of your everyday life.

Self = Selfishness?

At the same time the “Self” cannot exist without a sufficient interaction over time. People who live in isolation a portion of their lives, find it difficult to adapt to basic human manners and understandings. So it is both necessity and a marking mechanism for adaptivity. The individualistic condition is a façade. It makes you believe you matter, not only in the moment, but for the rest of eternity, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The selfish monsters we create out of fear and uncertainty do not reflect what we truly are! We tend to blame ourselves for actions and things that are beyond ourselves and we do not understand, putting ourselves in a frame, adapting to new labels, depending on stereotypes to define our existence. We unconsciously create false believes that inhibit us from experiencing life. Beneath all of this remains the inner child that we’ve lost over time, but will rediscover for the rest of our lives. And those who do it in a faster rate, go and experience life unconditionally and without judgment, taking in things as they are, finding their purpose and inner peace. This will allow you to see your values and beliefs, and change those that hold you back.


Be aware, that valuing experience over all, turns us into selfish consumer creatures of habit. It can turn into an ideology, a façade of excuses that let us get away with the selfish things we do. In the end we can debate that it is our own choice to do what is considered good for others. Choice comes in two forms that are intrinsically connected. You rather do it or you don’t. There will always be ramifications, but there will always be excuses not to act according to what is considered morally acceptable. And yes, moral is a social structure (cultural if you like), but it is also the thing that creates structure in otherwise chaotic environment that, is not built with the comfort of human kind in mind, and it is what binds us and dictates to us what is right and wrong, in order to become better towards ourselves and serve a greater purpose. So no matter how you look at it, it is good and bad at the same time. It is both, and I write that, because there will never be a middle ground for the ever changing.


In the end of the day, our culture has installed a switchboard of excuses in our subconscious, that we aren’t even aware of, but preform on a daily basis. This switch is in direct correlation with our desires and how to come about them. It begins when we are children, recognizing the uncertainty, when tons of expectations are placed on our shoulders and we can’t coup with them. This creates a barrier that is sustained from those excuses that justifies the absence of action and lack of responsibilities for such.

Most of us grow older, but never grow up. “There is nothing uglier than an old infant”. There is no profit in society today, to guide us to maturity, you are not a consumer if you realize that you don’t need all those things, which could be the mature choice.

Our false identities are meaningless to reality, they do not reflect it! They are just a comfort we establish for ourselves (excuses), and we allow them to take over us and dictate how we go about things.

Do not allow yourself to fall into a hopeless situation like that I’ve described above. It might not seem hopeless right now, but it will eventually caught up to you and it will consume you whole. We have the freedom to choose our own limitation. So grow up and do it, otherwise reality will smash down your individuality and will make that choice for you.

There will never be a middle ground for the ever changing….

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