Prove your humanity

I want to start the second part with a quick story of mine. 

At one time last year I was still suffering from a break up and my game was down the trash and worst of all, I saw my ex-girlfriend and I was devastated that night. I wanted to have sex so bad, but I was out of my game, so I decided to approach the first girl I see, tell her that I like her being honest about it, since I didn’t care anymore. It was 5 in the morning, most clubs were already closed. So I went to a rock bar with a friend of mine who understood how I felt and simply accompanied me to have a drink. We didn’t get a beer however, because the last bar we entered was closing as well. I saw a girl just standing there, her girlfriend was making out with some dude and I approached her saying “Hey, what’s up?”. Since I didn’t care that night what her response will be, she felt it and smiled back saying something I don’t quite remember, but it was to my advantage. Since I didn’t care, I didn’t seem clingy or needy to her, while asking questions and joking around. Then I remember asking “How many guys did you cancel tonight?”. She answered – “A lot, some of them were drunk and that turns me off, I came here to have fun, but they all wanted to get with me, know what I mean?”. I looked her for the first time with curiosity and wanted to see if she was actually pretty or not, because seconds ago I didn’t really care what she’ll say or if I will get with her or not. So I looked at her, and oh my god, she was smoking hot but looked kind of miserable, since her girlfriend left her to hook up with another guy. I smiled and asked her – “Is that why you look so miserable?”. Her eyes started glowing and as she was saying something I interrupted her and continued with an assumption about her. “You know, you look like a total bitch, and I assume most guys think so too, but I believe, deep inside you are really sweet and caring.” She nodded in agreement with me and said that most people don’t realize that she is actually sweet, and most people avoid her. Then I played it a bit bold and said, “You know, if you keep distancing from people, like you probably did in the club tonight, you will eventually, get old and people won’t even try to get with you anymore (This sparked her interest, because in the end of the day, who the fuck was I and how dare I make such bold assumptions).

Indicators of interest

“There is a thin line of who you can allow in your life, you just have to find it.” I said. Her eyes sparkled again, she scratched her hand nervously, played with her hair for a split second and started asking me questions about me, what I do and how did I end up so early in this club, which is already closing. Those are indicators of interest, if you get 4 or 5, it means that she is interested in what you have to say and in some cases, she wants to get with you. This also means that you can kiss her, especially if you see her looking at your lips (which she did to me and I kissed her). Here comes the honesty part. I was so tired that night so I simply talked with her for a bit and I said – “Look, I’m pretty tired and out of it tonight, truth be told I feel miserable, but your looks distract me a lot, so it’s hard for me to answer all that questions, so I’ll be honest with you. You are hot, I want you! Let’s go to your place, because mine is trashed at the moment.” She smiled and agreed with me, so we went to her place and that turned out to be one of my best one night stands. I was so mind-blown that night. I was so miserable and my game sucked. I honestly thought that I will have a bad case of blue balls, and go home with my dick in my hand. But with honesty, it turned out pretty good. I went with some girl I barely knew and she did all kinds of kinky stuff to me. She even allowed me to do whatever I wanted with her. It blew my mind.

Honesty and playfulness                                                  

You see, you can be honest and showing your intentions from the very beginning and still get the girl, in fact doing the opposite won’t help you succeed in the short run. Always present your intentions from the very beginning. Of course you have to be mysterious, because if you tell her what you are all about from the very beginning she will be bored and leave. Here is where a form of dishonesty comes to play. It’s not really dishonesty, it’s a form of playfulness. If she sees you as well dressed and asks you what you do for a living, you can say, that you are currently unemployed and live in your mother’s basement. This will make her laugh and even more curious. She might ask you (playfully of course) why are you dressed like that, since you don’t have the money to support that lifestyle. Reply by saying – “Well you see… I am actually a virgin, and with those clothes I compensate for my small dick”.

What this will actually tell her is that you are actually working, you are good with girls and that you don’t actually have a small penis. It will also tell her, that you are not willing to spill your guts in order to impress her. She will start investing more into the conversation herself and believe me, people who are invested, continue to invest. Another thing you will gain from playfully deviating from the truth is – you will keep her interested in you, since you don’t tell her everything about yourself and this will make her want to get to the bottom of things. In actuality, you are not being dishonest, you are being playful with her and that makes her wonder about you, and what type of person you are. And believe me, you are the best type all around the board.

Conclusion part two

Before I conclude this topic I want to mention “Expectations”. Never have high expectations when you go out. Lower them as much as possible, and when you talk to people, don’t expect them to react to the plans you have for them in your head. The only expectation I go out with, is that I will have fun and it will come from within me, I won’t depend on other people for my happiness, therefore I will have fun, like always. You can have expectations and sometimes the nights go great and according to plan, however if the plan doesn’t apply to the way we view things in our minds, we tend to feel miserable afterwards, because it didn’t go as planned every step of the way, or it dint go as we envisioned it at all. Lower your expectations, meet new people and have fun while doing so. That’s how you have a great night.

If greed is your only motivation, then you lack the commitment. That’s why you must view it as a journey not a destination.

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