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This topic is about how you can interact with people, what to think in order not to offend anyone and how to go about it. I’ve come across those realizations over the years I’ve practiced. So many interactions have come and went until this day that, I’ve calibrated myself enough to know how to react in a certain situation and how to always come up on top. There is no easy way. You must do a lot of interactions to actually master this to the point you are able to teach it, in order to be good with people around you, be it – friends, women, business partners and so on….

The insignificance of your ego

Think about it. How inflated your ego must be for you to think that feeling sorry for yourself matters in the grand scheme of the universe? Open up google and look at pictures of the galaxy or the universe and see how insignificant you are in the grand deal of things. All of your fears and your worst qualities, your envy, self-doubt and self-pity will only end up being projected on other people you subconsciously try to drag down with you. Because we all have the tendency of when we feel bad – to drag people with us to feel better about ourselves. The same goes when you talk to girls, and they can feel it so deep, you can’t even imagine. She will sniff you out and shoot you down. What you say to another person, it must always be genuine and come from the heart. It’s like the homeless guy who wants some spare change, starting the conversation with something of the sort “It is a good day we are having, aint we?” and you are like – “I know where this is going” just by looking at him/her. Women are the same. You don’t need to look like a homeless person for her to know that you want something out of her.

How to go about it

The trick is, if you want to get close to the girl, always start with something genuine, without thinking about sex and wanting anything in return. Start with something funny and unrelated and make it related to the current situation, be funny, but don’t try and entertain her, rather, entertain yourself. As we all know, girls fall into the guy’s frame of reality and she is uplifted because of it. After you are being funny and not being distracted by her looks, actually try and ask questions about her and what she does for a living for instance, but be genuinely interested.

The actuality of compliments

You can make every phrase work, just don’t use it as a barricade for what you truly feel I the moment. People can tell if you are being honest. If you use a compliment and the girl can sniff you out that, you are trying to make it about yourself and try to feel better about yourself, she will automatically be disgusted about it and shut you down. Simply don’t use compliments as compliments. Always say something about the person if you find it true. DO NOT PUT qualities on the person that don’t even exist. People hate that, especially girls! Compliments are designed to be just that, qualities that mostly you think you see in someone, but they might partially have or don’t have at all. I have a saying when I say something the girl finds appealing and thanks me for the compliment afterwards. I say “It is not a compliment if it’s the truth, I believe” and I really do believe!

How to go about friends and people you cherish

We all have people around us, who we cherish and consider our friends. We truly care about them and want them to succeed. If you cherish your friends, you won’t try and gain on their behalf. In other words you must always help out your friends succeed in social situations so they can get value for themselves when they are around you.

Simple truths

Truthfully, being an alpha male is not only being masculine and well-socially calibrated, it is in fact being able to communicate with people around you properly and give them value. That way they will want to stay around you and be your friends. Evolution has made us into very interesting species. We always put ourselves first and our self-interests. Then how can we actually make friends if that is the case? Is altruism just another form of egoism? Well yes and no. In the first case you get value in the long run, so yes, it is a form of selfishness that is derived from evolution, but with altruism you can actually help other people fulfill their aspirations first, in order to get more value out of it later.

Evolution and all…

I know how this sounds, but believe me, we all do it, because that is how evolution made us. It made us selfish, because back in tribe times we had to survive didn’t we? We always put ourselves first. Every action we take is for our self-benefit. That is the truth, but it doesn’t mean that our species is evil somehow. Every living organism on that planet is constructed differently, but in essence we all share a common drive to survive and reproduce. Every living thing on that planet is always conserving energy and prefers not to spend it if not necessary. What does that tell you? You will always spend energy on something that you need. It doesn’t necessarily has to be an object. The same goes with business, people etc.


Let’s say you are an alpha male, you can attract every girl you ever wanted in your life, which means you have an abundance. How would you go around with your friends that are there to have fun? Well you already know about human nature and how selfish we are. But here is what you probably don’t know. People always have a plan on how they want things to go around. Those plans (expectations) might be grand or small depending on your own standards. So since you know that you can always help your friends have a little bit more fun, than they would give themselves credit for. Which means for instance, if a friend of yours is just out for a beer on a Friday night and he or she wants to go back home, amplify on the emotions they are feeling at this very moment, and make it better for them, because that is your role as a friend.

Always help others when you can

 As we live in a dualistic universe, as people are selfish, the opposite can be said as well. If you make it so, that people around you have fun as long as you are around, they will crave your attention constantly and will even try and repay you somehow. If you are contributing to the wellbeing of other people, the same will come to you as well. Help their friends even, if someone mentions that, a friend of his/hers has a problem with something and you can solve it for them. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if those people repay you in any manner or not. In actuality no one owes you anything, therefore it is your own choice to lend a helping hand to others, but god damn (at least with me) it feels good!

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. – John Bunyan

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