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I was inspired to write down this topic as a part two of the last onе called the Tragedy of Peter Pan. You can consider that one to be the first part of this one. But I’ve decided to write a little bit about opportunities, of course (not really) starting with the downsides of human habits.

You have to put some effort into your life, but how do you get the motivation for it.

Why don’t we follow through our schedules and do mistakes that will cost us a lot in the long run? Integrity is the crucial key we have lost over time, adapting to new information and trying to make sense of all of it. But in the process of doing so, we lose sight of our track in life and since the information is so overwhelming at times, we come up with a bunch of excuses in order not to do the right thing for ourselves and people around us, because it is hard. And god, yes! I get it. Thing is like I mentioned in the previous topic, if you don’t set the record straight and stop mentally masturbating, buying into society’s softness and bullshit the reality of a frame will catch up to you and it will constrain you without you realizing it, because you didn’t make the decision so therefore it was made by you unconsciously, or life simply made the choice for you.

Integrity is crucial and is what we have to rediscover. Because people say they are going to do something, but instead they end up being failures in their own eyes, if they even care and even if they don’t, people don’t care about them afterwards, because they don’t keep their words and screw things up with other people constantly. Truth is, if you can’t stay true to your word people won’t trust you and it doesn’t matter what type of person you are inside, if they don’t see it, you are done in long term, you won’t be able to start a business with anyone, your relationships will fail, because people see you through your actions, not words alone, that don’t mean shit.

And if you think about it you see it everywhere. For example:

Society needs structure in order to prosper, moral is a social construct indicating that people should be something in order to appeal to others in a positive way, it doesn’t mean that the leaders of this world don’t justify their methods by the ends of their means, in fact moral simply doesn’t work in nature, if you think about it, when you see a lion eating a gazelle, do you think there in some makeshift mind-scape, be a moral justification if a human did this to his own kind? Of course not! But at the same time, moral (mostly religiously inspired) works for society in a positive way, because it creates structures and norms a lot of us abide to in order to have a properly functioning society. And yes some of us break the rules, god knows I do it all the time and I get away with it (Socially speaking), and leaders all across the world have done so in the past for worst or better things, some of them remembered some of them forgotten. I mentioned morals because in our day to day lives we struggle with the right (moral) thing to do and the selfish thing to do, which if you count moral out, it doesn’t actually matter if it is selfish or not, but morality as a structure most of us try to abide by has put a label on it, therefore it is wrong to be selfish and yet we are doing it all the time. It is cool to be selfish, but selfishness leads to laziness and it’s not cool when it is working against you.

Enough about philosophy, let’s get to the practical part that will include a few mentions about what I think about the types of people I’ve come across so far, in my self-discovery.

If you are an extrovert you would want friends, if you are introverted you would like people to see things from your perspective, if you are agreeable you would probably want to have intimate relationships, if you are disagreeable you might want to challenge yourself and win in arguments, if you are open you will like to engage in creative activities, if you are highly erotic you would want security, etc. And all that can work for you, if you are honest with yourself and do the right thing. What do you mean by “do the right thing”? Do the thing that is right for you, because naturally people know what’s right for them, but they choose to be lazy and exist than rather live their lives.

Now let us start with the up side, which is a bit annoying, but bear with me. Successful people do it, why shouldn’t you if it works?

A couple of steps for the trip to success.

–          Integrity is key! If you say you are going to do something, justify your words through action, otherwise people will not trust you and worst of all, as time flies by, you will lose trust and respect for yourself. Always keep your word and show results!

–          Make a schedule. Don’t view schedule as a prison, because it is not. You need to concentrate on what works for you and what’s important in order to be better the next day than you were the day before. You can start by risking it (and yes, sometimes it’s a huge risk we rather avoid), by attending for the job you’ve talked about to your friends for so long, but you didn’t want to leave your old one, because there is a risk you wouldn’t get approved for the one you always wanted. The schedule is a list you make for yourself about your daily life and what you have to accomplish in order to move into a positive direction. I would add exercising, eating healthy and taking care of yourself on a daily basis in order to be calibrated and a better functioning individual, because small things like taking care of yourself actually matter.

–          Try new things and challenge yourself. Climb a mountain, go to a trip, find new hobbies you’ve always wanted to try, read the book you’ve been promoted so many times by friends and family. Those things are great so don’t be lazy about them.

–          And yes! Reading like I mentioned above. Reading is crucial and important for you, to see different perspectives that can affect your own in order to grow as a person, if you say you want to read a book (integrity comes into play), therefore you must read it, otherwise you’ve said you are going to do something and yet you didn’t do it.

–          Change your lifestyle. This will bring a positive change in your life, because like I mentioned in previous topics of mine, style is not that much important than substance, but it is what compliments your substance and appeals to people.

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