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You can’t blame men for showing weakness, because the environment changes and some of us cant coup with it, and at the same time you can’t blame women for being situational and change their opinions every 5 minutes, because the situation changes for them as well. That is how we are wired as species. Yes we are different and there is nothing wrong with that.


If you want to be good or great with women, you have to accept that as fact, never blame, and if you are caught up in a stupid situation and you can’t coup with it and she ends up leaving you, look at it in a different way – 85% of marriages fail at some point, so we must be doing something wrong and there will always be room for improvement. We are a product of our evolution, more or less, and if you blame women for what they are, you will be miserable and unhappy all the time. Women do cheat, a lot. Women have cheated on their boyfriends with me and the reason is that at that time, the value I was offering was appealing to her (made sense). If you take into consideration what made sense 50 000 years ago, you will  get a much better perception of what she truly wants from you, regarding your behaviors and you can benefit from it. It’s easy to get into a relationship and lose sight of your goals. Girls will constantly test you to see if you are on track with your goals in life and if you are willing to play the role you were born to play. Some girls will make you fat and unattractive, just because they are insecure themselves and they will do it without even realizing it. Always keep track of your progress, play your specific gender role. Check the “Gender Roles” topic I’ve written on male and female gender roles to get a better understanding of how we are wired and how things have changed over the years.

Women are sexual too

Another thing about women you probably didn’t know is that they enjoy sex just as we men do, perhaps even more. In fact some studies show that women are actually far more sexual than guys. They experience a spectrum of emotions and it’s different every time for them. You have to be gentle with girls and at the same time show dominance. That is extremely hard to do, because it is another idea, that contradicts itself. Women will never tell you what they truly want. It’s almost like “You Have to Know” what they truly want, and that is the reason I am writing this topic. First you must play your specific gender role of being a man. You must do it properly however. When both of you go out on a first date, that doesn’t mean you have to pamper her and pay for everything she orders, in fact it can be mutual, or if you don’t have money on you, you can make her pay for your sake and that is completely fine. On the other hand if you pamper her and put her on a pedestal, she will resent you for it, because no honest person will do that for her, if he doesn’t want to get with her.

Honesty & Intentions

Make your intentions clear, you can even say that you find her really attractive and you enjoy talking to her. There is nothing wrong with being yourself, but always come from a point of strength, instead of weakness. Never talk about depressing topics, always bring out your positivity, laugh at her jokes if there is something to laugh about, even if there isn’t and you just like her and she makes you smile and laugh, you can always do that too and it is completely fine (but you have to be honest and congruent about it). There is a thin like of course, guys will usually laugh at women’s jokes because they feel they have to, they feel, that they have to be nice to her in order to win her affection, but it’s the other way around. In actuality it has to be mutual. If you make a person invest more into the conversation, he/she will want to know more about you, because they are already invested, and they feel like you owe them something. If you are mysterious and play your cards well, you can befriend everyone you ever wanted if you make them invest more than they were willing to do in the first place. I still get positive responses from girls, that I am really a great guy that they are having fun talking to me, because we can talk for hours on end and still have things to talk about. The thing is that I can never run out of things to say, and the reason for that is, that I am also a good listener. I can talk about myself all day, but why ruin the surprise about me, she can learn more about me, every time we meet, while I learn far more about her in the meantime. It is easy to get girls in bed afterwards. Well not actually easy, but you can get there, if you are honest with them and just say – “ You know, I am also having a blast with you, truth be told, I want you so bad, not a lot of girls make me feel the way you do”, and that is completely fine to say if you really believe so! And why shouldn’t you? One of the greatest emotional human needs is to feel appreciated.

Honesty & Intentions > The essence of building comfort

The fact that you are on a date, and are talking for hours, smiling at each other, making jokes and so on, means that she appreciates your company, it might not lead to sex straight away, but if you honestly enjoy your time with her, it means she feels the same way, otherwise she wouldn’t be out with you drinking coffee and wasting her time with you. Keep that in mind and never cut yourself short. Even if she has a higher value than you, keep it cool and admit to her that, she is amazing if you truly believe so, deep in your mind. And another thing, girls are sexual, they enjoy sex more than us men, but it has to be her idea, never force yourself on her. You can “Force” yourself playfully and if you do it right, she will enjoy it, but you have to be honest about your intentions towards her, otherwise it wouldn’t work. You can say something like – “You know, it’s so hard to concentrate when I look at you, the way you are dressed, is that f’ckin intentional? I bet it is J”, and continue on from there, grab her by the neck – gently, but at the same time assume the leading position, give her a kiss and tell her that you want her. Most guys will never do that, because they can’t read social cues and are afraid that they might waste the opportunity. Thing is this is the fastest way to move about and not waste your time. If you do, in most cases, you are seen as indecisive.

Honesty & Intentions > The essence of building comfort > Foreplay

I want to write a couple of things about foreplay too, because it is really important for women. In order to make her feel comfortable, you have to make her believe it is her idea. She needs to feel safe and secure, because you are a new experience for her. Don’t use logic to convince her. Being logical will have the opposite effect. Just be honest with her and tell her how you feel, assume that she feels the same way and she will. If your value makes sense to her in that particular situation, she will go for it. Like I said, you have to make her feel comfortable, she needs a reason to have sex, not a logical reason, but a playful one, with a tone of seriousness and dominance from your side. If she is showing emotions, don’t judge her, but accept her and understand her if you want the best sex in your life, and she will give it to you, if you are not judgmental, but accepting. Be gentle at the beginning, show her she has nothing to worry about, then you can do whatever you want from there. Well don’t strangle her but, once she feels safe and knows that you are a cool guy, you can assert dominance (grab her by the neck, spank her if you want, pull her hair and all that kinky stuff). There is another thing you probably didn’t know about girls. Once you hit first base and are in the bedroom, she will completely surrender. Girls are emotional and will make you feel good because that is how they are wired, she will not feel good if you don’t feel the same way. She will completely enter your frame of reality and surrender to you. Just be yourself from there on out and do what you do best. She will feel seen, safe and understood.

Women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place. We tend to focus at one thing, while girls consider everything

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