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Women like men are sexual creatures, they have desires and feelings some of which we share. In this topic I am going to teach you the difference between the perception you have about women and what they actually are.

A quick personal story

Growing up I had the perception that all women are intelligent creatures, whom we have to put on a pedestal, pamper them and treat them like princesses, because they deserve it and most of all, because they knew what they want. However as time passed and I became good with women I realized that wasn’t the case at all. This all started after I picked up a girl back in my first year of game. At that time I was pretty new at it and pretty much I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time. After the first month of being successful I stumbled upon a gorgeous girl on a night out. I was pretty tired so I just took her number, played it cool and went straight for the couch. I have been talking to this girl for hours, without even a hint if rather she has a boyfriend or not. When we met the next day for a coffee at 7pm, I pulled every trick in the book to sleep with her that same night. It was Sunday and I was working in the morning but I didn’t care. After 8 hours of having fun and me not having any cash at all, because it was the end of the month, we decided to go to her place. Her parents weren’t at home, and I couldn’t take her to a hotel, so it was fine. The night was magical, her body small and frail. I was careful not to make her feel uncomfortable.

Perception Changed!

The sex was great I must say, but what I heard in the morning struck me as odd and it completely changed my perception of women in general. Her boyfriend called and she said she loved him. She was talking to him in the corridor outside the bedroom, but the door was open and she thought I was asleep. I could hear it all and I was shocked, I mean I had principles, in my mind I thought I should never sleep with girls, that have boyfriends, because at that time I didn’t find it acceptable. I even told her that I’m not that type of guy and she said that this was pretty noble of me and that she finds me attractive because of that very principle I embody. Never mind that, they were talking for around 30 seconds and she told him that she was sick and her parents are at home (who actually weren’t!), I pretended that I just woke up, and when she came back to the bedroom she passionately kissed me and wanted to have more sex, but I had like 3 hours to prepare for work, and in the evening I had to go to the university so I politely declined. I was astonished.

The reason that I started game was because I wanted to sleep with around 20 or 30 girls, find a girlfriend and live with her for the rest of my life, start a family, have kids and so on. I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights straight after that, because my mind couldn’t take it. Truth was – I was afraid. What if the same thing happened to me? How will I coup with it? How can I trust girls after what I heard and felt that day?

The harsh Truth

Truth is you can’t trust girls. Not because they are some evil whores that are after your money or something. That is not the case. My perception was just not the right one. Like I mentioned, I viewed girls like princesses that only needed caring and loving from a man. She called a couple of times to see how I was and if I want to have a coffee with her. I told her that I haven’t slept in a while and she asked me if it was ok to see me on Friday or Saturday. I said that it’s fine. We didn’t chat or hear from each other until then and when I called her on Friday to confirm the date, she asked me if we can move it to Saturday. I was ok with it so when we met, she grabbed me and kissed me straight away. I backed down a little, she asked me if I’m feeling well and I told her, that I’m fine, just tired. As we talked and I asked her how she’s doing, she looked down and told me that her “ex-boyfriend” was at her place yesterday and wanted to have sex with her and they did. I played it cool like I didn’t care. She told me that she is planning to go back to him, and I asked if that was the guy she told she love in the corridor. She pretended like she didn’t know what I was talking about, but I already knew and I made her confess. Then she told me that she really liked me and wanted to see where this (Us) might go to, which was a total contradiction regarding what she said about going back to her boyfriend and honestly I had no clue what she meant and why she contradicted herself. Truth is I really wanted to sleep with that girl again. She was amazing and every inch of her perfect body was all I ever wanted in a girlfriend, but like I mentioned, I already made up my mind that day.

My game was a mess afterwards, I started doubting myself completely and I realized that I couldn’t pick up girls anymore, so after 2 weeks I called her out of desperation. I tried to play it cool but she felt like I wasn’t the same person she met 20 days ago. I said that I had things on my mind and I didn’t want to bother her with them. We had sex 1 more time, but eventually she got back to her boyfriend, the guy she truly loved, because she had far more emotional association with him than me. Took me a while but I got back in game pretty quick after this experience.

Evolution at its peak

I used to base my happiness on girls and what they can offer in terms of pleasure and sex. I thought we were the same and we had the same drives and understanding of the world. Thing is I was wrong, but mistakes in life are made, so you get the most out of the lesson that comes with them. I found out that girls like men are creatures of evolution, and they have evolved to survive just like us, and depending on their gender role, they are situational. Whatever and whoever is the best choice in the situation they are in, they will just go for it. If we are more consistent than them, they are ever changing and we can’t blame them for that, because it is part of their evolution.

Women are emotional creatures, they want to experience variety in life to the fullest. Most girls fulfill their aspirations when they are young (from 20 to 30) then a timer is put on their ovaries, and they are constantly reminded of that fact.


It’s kind of our fault if you think about it. We as men have made it worst for ourselves over the years. I constantly hear remarks from guys to girls who are over 28, that they are getting old and the ravages of time will eventually caught up to them, even when women are younger, they are still bombarded with that kind of stuff, that they will eventually get older and won’t be as attractive as they were.

That is one of the reasons women go for the best possible choice, not all of them of course, a lot of women are actually loyal to their boyfriends and want to spend the rest of their lives with them. I guess in those cases the guys are actually doing something right, like playing their gender roles correctly. But society as it is, has blinded us for a lot of the things we used to do back in the days. In recent times, we don’t pay much attention to the specific gender roles we must embody, and we experience what’s called, a gender role reversal. In this case, the male starts showing qualities that women naturally poses, and in response women start to show the male qualities, because they don’t feel secure with the man they are currently with, and they end up leaving him for another guy. Of course don’t get me wrong, this is completely natural, it’s just how men and women are built.

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