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There are two ways to interact with a girl during your first meeting, depending on the time of day you approach her. You have the direct and the indirect approach. If you are meeting the girl during the day, you can bravely stop her and be as direct as possible. Something of the sort “hey I just saw you walking and I really liked you so I decided to say hi”. This is a really nice and genuine direct approach. In the other case, you can be a bit more indirect and playful like this – “Hey I passed around you a couple of times, smiled, waved so and so, but you didn’t ask what my name is or where I am from, so I thought you might have a problem with me”. Smile and continue talking if she does the same. I love meeting girls in the evenings. Back in the day I used to say the most obnoxious things and it passed as a compliment, I get her number and we meet up the next day or a couple of days from when I got the number, or simply have a one night stand and decide if we want to meet each other again. I’ve been a boyfriend as well, not as good a boyfriend as I want to be, but I’ve learned a couple of things you can apply, also the biggest difference between the boyfriend and the player and how to keep someone in your life using both, not just one. So I hope my wisdom would resonate with some of you. Let’s begin!

Player Game

We’ve all wanted to be like the players. Some of us are still struggling, others are so addicted to it that, they can’t get a girlfriend because of it. Being a player means, to never compromise, being yourself, saying obnoxious things, doing everything, for your main objective is to get the girl, have a one night stand, wipe your dick on the curtains and be on your merry way. I’ve done it for 5 years and yes, it is pretty addictive, but I found out that, in order for me to get a girlfriend (which was my initial intent, when I started gaming, unaware of what will become of me) and keep a human being close to me is harder than it looks. But being a player gets the girls, and yes it works for me, probably for a lot of people as well. Being a player you always come out as being strong and non-dependent.  You can say stupid shit, and if you trust and believe in yourself, you come out as funny and a cool guy to amble around. People adore you and want more out of you, they constantly call you and never leave you alone, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, because you are their source of positive energy. But what can we say about the girls. Well, them too of course. You can keep a lot of them around you. You can even tell them that you sleep with quite a big number of them, some will reject you for it, most of them will love you for it. The trick of being a player is to have integrity, never settling with a single girl, coming from abundance, never dependent on one person for your happiness. Your happiness comes from within.

The big reveal

Having said all that, what else might there be for being a player? Well, always coming out strong and to never compromise. This comes with a price however, you will have abundance of people around you, and girls too, but if you always come out strong and independent, you will never be able to establish a meaningful relationship with a single person, which in my personal belief is much better than having different affairs every week. Most of you probably wanted to became players in order to keep the girl, like I did. I thought that would work for me, but I was as wrong as I could ever be. Relationships are built on compromises. If you only think about yourself, like a player does, you will never be able to establish something meaningful with somebody. Even when you try and they dump you, you will always blame and feel miserable about it. You will blame her and blame yourself. You will find yourself in a cycle of constant anger and sadness with each try for something more than just sex. Thank god a couple of nerds were able to gather and devise the science, so we can all get what we want.

Boyfriend Game

            So, how to keep a person in your life? Here it comes!… It is also a paradox, you have to be both an alpha and a beta. How can I be both? That is like someone telling me to look both in the left and the right at the same time. Well… Kind of…. The trick is to be the leading side, no girl will ever admit that she wants, to be lead by the guy, especially nowadays. So, don’t talk about it, rather take action and do it. If your inner player tells you not to buy her gifts, don’t listen to him, if you truly want to buy her something she might find useful. That is how you show affection. But only a beta would do that. Yes! But being an alpha doesn’t mean that you can’t compromise. You will always be the alpha, but if you like the girl, take her to dinner if it comes to mind GOD DAMN IT! That is how you show her that you like her. Make her a gift, put some effort into it, how can you keep a girl in your life, if you can’t show her that you adore her, and what better way to do that than to cook for her for instance or really, just calm down your player side, and be honest about your feelings and what you’ve always wanted to tell Jenny back in the day, before she dumped you and set you on the dark path of player-ship. Be honest, yes it is terrifying, when I say honest things to the girl I want to be boyfriend with, it fucking terrifies me to the core man, but I do it anyways. Sink or swim, there is no other way. Take them to dinner sometimes, but always suggest it first, like a man, grab her by the hand and lead the way. That is your job, and the best way to be good at it is to learn to compromise with yourself.


I mention this in my last couple of topics so I will mention it again. Do not get all fat and lazy. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. Go to the gym and exercise, try and get that promotion, try new hobbies, and invite the girl you are in love with to do the same. If you are reading books don’t quit that. Always strive for greater heights. Don’t allow comfort to take you by surprise. If you keep doing for her what you’ve done in the beginning after years of being together and even more, that would show her, you care and you still love her. Hope this information is helpful for you guys that struggle with relationships, those are the best ways I know so far. Stay tuned for more topics to come!

Most people make it worse than it is … so they don’t have to try…

Anthony Robbins

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