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Oh boy did my approach towards women change after the first couple of successes pushed through. I felt that I’m going at supersonic speed during those days – I went from basically having 0 prospects into constantly chatting with multiple girls and getting dates 3-4 nights a week. My chat game was getting tighter, my targeting was improving (putting more effort into girls that lived closer and I could relate easier to – such as girls from the Balkans hehe:)), I cared way less for my failures (tough to beat yourself up over and over when you fail many times a day – you either get used to it or stop your activity, which wasn’t really an option for me) and overall a completely new world was opening up. I have always been quite social with both men and women, so it was not a new experience to wake up to numerous messages from girls. What was new about it was that each of them now was a potential lay prospect, rather than a girl that’s (borderline) friendzoned me or the other way around.

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Right around that time I met Tanya (not the real name) – I had set up an account at a website called and found some of its features were superb. You could target people by intra-city location (super important for a gargantuan city like London) and you could also target by Nationality. She was among the first couple of girls that replied to my message and I instantly noticed my interaction with her was somehow different. She “cared” way more than the other girls – sending long, thought out replies, full with insider jokes etc. By that time I was so used to either getting one-liners or super boring replies that this was a breath of fresh air. I forced myself to maintain a frame and ensure that the neediness balance between me and her stays as it is and for the first time since I got into Game I actually flaked on a woman’s proposal to meet me – I was following a strict work out routine at that time and she was suggesting times that didn’t suit me at all, while she was also going to bed quite early. Anyway, normally I’d think that I will never hear from the gal anymore and completely forgot about her…until she texted me after 3 days of radio silence inviting me to go out again. This time I set the date & time (right next to my office on my off-workout day) and she complied.

Lol, was that a weird date. There was just something off from the beginning of it – she came a bit late, we sat at a weird angle at the table, it was loud so we couldn’t talk well plus on top of it there was something in her accent that I couldn’t always get what she’s saying. All in all, the cards were set as a recipe for disaster, but I decided I won’t care and try to escalate no matter what – this chick invited me out 3 times, there must be a state of emergency going on in her lady parts. She was late 20’s so a bit older than me at that time, tall, with long brown hair, not particularly pretty, but in good shape and had some sort of a peculiar charisma around her that was working alright for me. What I managed to get from our interaction was that she studied in Paris (so was fluent in French), then got an MBA in London and was now working for LinkedIn. Either way, although we didn’t manage to communicate a lot, eye-contact was constant and I could see how her smile gets wider every time I glance at her deeply. I’m pretty sure at some point we spent about 2-3 minutes just holding hands and touching our feet under the table, without talking. Anyway, as I said – it was a weird date and back then I was still super “in-my-head” about every single thing that I do so I didn’t think of the obvious solution to just go somewhere where it’s more quiet.

After about half an hour and two drinks, we decided it’s getting late and is time to leave. As we didn’t talk much and also didn’t really have much proper intimacy, I felt that I have to do something more, if I want to have a continuation with her.  I was afraid though. Then I remembered that every time I felt fear around my actions with women so far, the only thing that helped was to eliminate the cause of it instantly – act swiftly or let it reign over you, in a way. I also preferred to do it before we go down to the stop itself, as it was gonna be an awkward ride if she rejected me, in case we were going in the same direction (didn’t even understand where she lives, just knew she is also based in West London).

So I made my move – as we were walking through the crowded station, I just turned around, stopped in front of her, looked into her eyes and leant over for a kiss. She seemed surprised (normal reaction, considering how timid our date went) and first turned her head. I tried a second time and she refused again. I gave it one more shot, held her with my hand and turned it over to my lips and this time she didn’t pull, but actually responded quite passionately. Fuckin’ hell that felt awesome! Also, mental note – women are crazy, why dafuq did she turn over the first few times?! 🙂  There was about 200 people passing by at that moment in all directions, which made the experience even more magnified – for whatever reason I was imagining that every single one of them is going to stop, stare at me trying to force my mouth onto this woman and tell me “What the hell are you doing boy?!” Of course, none of this happened and we shared a very pleasurable moment. Damn, I think it was also one of the first times I kissed a girl that early after knowing each other and being almost sober. I knew this took balls and I felt super empowered for battling with the irrational fears to pull it off, so I gave myself a short moment of credit for it.

At that time I basically decided that I will push until the bitter end, so I told her I’m gonna walk her home. She was a good half an hour away from where I lived, but I didn’t care, I wanted to get my dick wet or at least push the interaction till an end where she says “GTFO”. We had some super boring conversation during the rest of the commute (what usually happens after a Kiss with a girl you barely know) and I swear at least 10 times I thought about getting out, but resisted it every time. Just sat there and looked at her quietly. When we left the station I walked her to her flat and tried to sneak in to use her bathroom, but she didn’t let me in. I got a quick goodnight kiss and had to find my way home. For whatever reason I didn’t feel disappointed though – I knew that there was a chance that my actions might seem a bit weird, but I had also made my intentions clear and got much much farther than where I thought this night would end, considering the setup. I walked home lightly and slept with a smile.

The day after I woke up to about 10 messages from her. She was thanking me for the night before and said she hadn’t had that much fun for a long time. She had also found my LinkedIn profile and this was the first time I realized the importance of social proof – as my LinkedIn lists recommendations from several people I worked with (among other info that proves that I’m not likely to be full psycho), she was actually super impressed by it. Or maybe she just said it as a way to show me she’s hooked. We kept  texting for another day or two, but schedules didn’t really match, so I decided to go radio silent again. This has also introduced another first into my “Game” realm – on the third day I received a booty text via WhatsApp. It was 9:30 PM and she asked if I’m free tonight. I said I don’t wanna go out, so she just texted me her address and said there’s wine there. I think I broke few World Records for how fast I got dressed and called an Uber, but about 20 min later I was already inside her apartment and…well, her.

She admitted to me during our brief encounters that she is very introverted and needs someone to “force” her into intimacy, which is why she felt so attracted to my actions. She also said she didn’t have sex with anyone for about 3 years because of that, which although highly unlikely was also not impossible and would explain a lot about our initial chat conversations. Long story short, we dated a few more times, but then life, travel, schedules and other dates got in the way. Nevertheless, It was another major learning experience about the way to read signals and the type of actions that get definitive results. Thanks to my encounter with her, I have since learned to identify that type of girls very quickly (shy, introverted, smart daddy little girls) and calibrate much faster than in other occasions, which is a nice addition to capturing my first Romanian flag.

Lay Report III - Romanian Flag or The Importance of Social Proof
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