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Another one from my very early online dating days back in the UK. I value this one a lot, because if I had not accumulated some theoretical Game knowledge at that point, I would have ended up home cock-in-hand. It was also my first ONS from online dating, which made me believe that stuff legitimately works for my purposes. 

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I found this Bulgarian chick on PlentyOfFish (a dating website, sort of like OKCupid, popular in the UK, but not in BG), before going to the party with my Latvian friend Ilja. She insta-responded and gave her number, but I was sure she either got fat or smth else was off, because she looked far better than the average women I was getting responses from back then. (By the way, If anyone ever accuses men to be shallow, I’d suggest them to try playing the Online Dating game as a 20-30kg overweight guy in a major cosmpolitan city and see what type of results they get).

Anyway, we exchanged numbers and agreed to go to a bar in Clapham (Revolution). I had gone out and slept 4 hrs the night before (see more here), and though I nearly cancelled a couple of times, the dick hunger gave me a pre-date energy boost. I had already decided I’m gonna just aim to do the relaxed beta game for the majority of the night, until I get her lubricated enough with alcohol and then start making my moves. I did however make a list of all the things I have to do, in order to escalate intimacy (eye-contact, palm-reading, light touches, venue change, grinding on her ass, the “elbow” hook, holding hands in a club and bringing her somewhere, the “sudden disappearance”, but not long enough to let somebody else grind her, rubbing her waist and butt and finally – the kiss) and meticulously followed all of them.

I felt super anti-social before the date, so had to break things with a shot of tequila, before she arrived and I had set myself on an isolated table, where we could talk. I met her on the station and have to say that she looked even better than on the pictures, but I instantly realized she’s super nervous and has some confidence issues, as the first thing she blabbered was some excuse about why she’s using online dating and that she doesn’t have any friends. Good start, she was already de-valuing herself  She was a slim, 20-something years old brunette, with small breasts, pretty face and a good ass. In my impression back then, ’d say she was at least a 7 or 7.5 and although not my natural type, she made the dick tingle immediately.

Oh boy was she dumb though. It turned out she was from the country-side, didn’t study shit, had a dozen of pump-and-dump jobs around the country (bartender, waitress etc), and finally came to London to look after her nephew, clean flats and study accounting, because that’s what the other cleaning ladies around her do. Also, my impression was that she was riding the cock-carousel quite a lot, based on her past career experiences in Bulgaria and her vague comments about having at least 3-4 relationships from PoF and other websites. Blessing for my schwantz on the other side. I had already decided that I’m going for the notch tonight, so just had to follow the game plan and keep the drinks coming. Keeping up conversation with her was a challenge even for someone that’s as flexible communicator as I am, but slowly she relaxed and after a while couldn’t keep her mouth shut. We did a few jaeger-bombs and “suddenly” she realized that she had missed her last train. Venue-switched to the “Grand” and kept the drinks coming. To her credit, she paid at least 30-40 pounds out of the total bills that we accumulated for the evening, which I imagine wasn’t easy with her salary. We were already dancing and eye-fucking in the first venue, did the hook between venues and hand-grab as soon as we were in the Grand. From this point on, it was all about touching and grinding. I executed the “sudden disappearance” twice, to gauge interest, even though I knew there was a good chance of somebody else picking her up, the way she was amped up. I actually spent that time talking to some other girls while having a smoke, which was an instant improvement over my previous night outs. It didn’t feel weird whatsoever. Anyway, both times she started calling and texting me the moment I wasn’t around, so It worked quite well in my favor. By around 2 AM my hand was constantly on her back and was time for the kiss (it was probably overdue with at least an hour, but my lips-radar was super uncertain back then). Soon later she started rubbing on my cock and even touching it through the pants, so it was time to go.

Here is actually where the real change the book “Bang” made. She was telling me she has to find the bus-stop as soon as we went out, which previously I didn’t realize was just a shit-test chicks do. In the past, I would have probably been discouraged by this and told her, “well, OK – have it your way” and wait with her for the bus, in the hope of a good-night kiss. Not this time though – I had already booked an Uber and directly went to the car and just casually mentioned she’ll find her way afterwards, as my place is closer to hers (exactly opposite direction, of course). In a city like London, where logistics can be a solid mood killer, living close to the venue or not spending an hour going back to the man-cave can play a super high role for your success with chicks.  I let her obsess and talk during the cab ride and was just teasing her lightly. Once we went upstairs, I realized I have nothing to eat or drink (not even water), which would have normally made me feel uneasy. This time I decided I won’t care though – we had enough to drink, she was there for the D.

We started making out on the couch and she told me at least 15 times she was not ready for this tonight, didn’t allow me to touch her boobs and unzip her pants etc, so I just continued kissing and teasing. Eventually, we moved to the bedroom, where she took her clothes off and continued making out. She was still adamant that she doesn’t do this on first dates (total bullshit, of course), that she wants to sleep (though her pussy was dripping wet) and so on. I followed Roosh’s advice and told her we are not doing anything that she doesn’t want to do etc, but continued teasing her, until her pants were off and the resistance show ended. She had small, bit under-developed breasts and it seemed she is self-conscious about them, so I didn’t focus on removing her shirt (unlike what I would have done previously). The panties were off however and finally, she asked if I had a condom (I had them prepared within arm’s reach, ready for this moment). Though the sex was awkward and not very passionate, to say that I was happy with the result would be downplaying it. I was euphoric and felt super empowered. I hadn’t done anything for the whole weekend apart from pipelining dates for the next week and working out and though I never saw this girl before (as I realized I have 0 interest in any other interaction with her, apart from sexual intercourse), it was an important milestone towards my journey of getting what I want from women in life.

Drink count – 1-2 too many, but overall getting better at this. 1x Tequila shot, 3x Old-fashioned cocktails, 1x Maker’s mark, 3-4 x Jaeger bombs and another JD at Grand. Drink more water – not having proper dinner before going out allows you to get hammered more easily;

Type Game – this was the type of girl where probably any approach would do, as long as you follow a plan that is aimed at getting her into bed. Once I heard her background, impersonating the potential sugar boyfriend, who knows how life works while seemingly being decent, was quite tempting and successful. Always escalate and do your moves;

Motivation – 7-day stretch. Helps to go on after 3 days of sleep deprivation.

Total Bill – 120-130 quid (drinks in both venues, cover charge x2 + Uber from Clapham to Acton). Still a super high Cost per Notch, but as a beginner when you get the notch you care substantially less about it.

Night out Rating – 9/10 – completed my target of getting a stranger girl (and an OK-looking one) in my man-cave and inserting my penis in her vagina, within less than a couple of weeks of committing to it.

Learning outcomes: 

– No compliments, keep your cool, don’t ask for permission about anything, just follow your plan;

– Don’t doubt yourself – there were several points where I thought I should quit, but I got the bang eventually. Remember this for other occasions where you think things are not going your way;

– Don’t lean/bend over – force the girl to hug you and whisper in your ear, when she needs to tell you something instead of accommodating for her – well done!

– Target/Niche for success – single Bulgarian girls in London seem to be the easy mark so far (Edit: that was a supremely good niche indeed!)

Lay Report II: First Online Dating ONS
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